Responsive web design: It’s here to stay.

Just because you can see a website on a mobile device doesn’t make it mobile-friendly. Web content on a smartphone, for example, should be thumbable, and require no zooming or squinting.

By design, our new website is mobile-responsive, which means it automatically responds to the visitor's platform. Whether on a smart phone or a tablet device, the user interface automatically adapts to provide the most optimal experience for your device. Not only does this eliminate the need to develop and maintain separate mobile sites, it tells the mobile user that they’re as welcome as everyone else.

Resize your browser window and see for yourself.

Mobile users are growing at a rapid pace. Consider these facts: by 2013, more people will be getting online from mobile devices than from desktops, and mobile users expect the experience to be just as good, if not better. It is predicted that by 2015, the total number of mobile devices will equal the population of the planet.

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