Elemental. It's our baseline.

Elemental is who we are. It’s how we live and the kind of work we love doing. We have a passion for helping brands shed the unnecessary, because it’s the simpler, potent brands that win in this noisy world.

Whether you need a game-changing mobile app or a new brand strategy, we’ll help you distill it down to bold, iconic design that revitalizes and celebrates the true essence of what makes you you.

Elemental starts with us. We’re a lean, agile design boutique with leadership galvanized by deep, practical experience on both the client and agency side. No big egos, no bureaucracy. When you work with us, you work with us.


"I truly believe the positioning work we did with you was one of the most significant undertakings in our one hundred year history. While we knew it would be a difficult and emotional process, you guided us through it with sensitivity, focus and style."
Randy Nordquist, President, Nordquist Co.

"I hope you're as proud as I am of the outcome. This is groundbreaking work! I am grateful for the rich partnership we have shared across the years."
Martin Selz, Publisher, Augsburg Fortress

"We are ECSTATIC!!!! This was an amazing rebranding that we just can't stop gazing adoringly at. The feedback from our customers is just as glowing."
Katherine Pedrick, President, The Pedrick Group, Inc.

"I want to thank you formally for creating and producing the Pillsbury brochure for the English Department. Everyone who has seen it, the President of the University, several members of the University Foundation, the Chair of the University's capital campaign, the deans of the College, are SIMPLY DAZZLED! An alumna actually cried at its beauty."
Shirley Nelson Garner, U of M Professor and Chair of Planning and Development

"Your work precipitated the first contribution to our initiative, and it was a very significant gift. We couldn't be more grateful."
Bob Gaertner, Planning and Development Consultant to University of Minnesota

"Thank you for helping us find our way. Spineology could not be on a better path."
Douglas King, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Spineology

"It has been such a pleasure working with Kantor Group. Medtronic's collaboration with you has been beneficial for reasons we can't even count."
Dawn Saterdalen, Dir. Market Development Education, Medtronic

"You are our secret weapon. Don't you dare let any of our competitors know you're working with us. Your work is simply genius."
Client (who wishes to remain anonymous)